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Coach Tony Miller

Personal Profile

Is my photo professionally taken? Nah! However, that is me, my authentic, sweaty, post-race self. 

Who am I? Who is Tony Miller? Well, I am a free, present, and powerful Leader! This is a contract I created for myself, for whenever I am feeling down or discouraged. This is a contract that I can use to lift my spirits when I am not at my best. And guess what? I am human, so I am not always at my best! 


I am a Dad to three amazing children. Jack is just turning 10 and has a passion for sports, especially football and his Cleveland Browns. He lives with his mom in Westerville, OH. Luca is my little ball of energy. He is 4 years old and LOVES Spider-Man and Sonic the Hedgehog. Haley Bug is my sweet, but rambunctious little girl, and is just turning 2! They live with their Mommy and Daddy in Dayton, OH. I have wonderful co-parenting relationships with both of their moms. 

As far as experience, I completed coach training in 2017 through Erickson International and have worked through several mentor coaching programs, recently finishing a second one here in 2023. I also have a decade of teaching experience that naturally lends itself to coaching. I've been "coaching" in some capacity for many years! 




Erickson International

The Art and Science of Coaching Certificate

Completed coach training that is Solution-Focused, based on neuroscientific principles and is world-renowned for training coaches to partner with clients in transformative change! 


The Ohio State University 

Master of Arts (Music)

I completed a course of study for Music Education with a 4.0 GPA and am EXTREMELY proud of that accomplishment! 


The University of Akron

Bachelor of Music (Music Education)

It took me a long time and several major changes, but I completed my degree in 2005. I performed in many ensembles, including the Symphonic Band which performed at OMEA State Convention for hundreds of Ohio Music Educators. Successfully completed Student Teaching and the performance of my senior recital (which was terrifying)! 

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