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Coaching with Tony Miller

Often times people feel stuck or uncertain as to how to get from where they are in life to where they want to be. You may feel like there is an absence of work/life balance and that you are lacking clarity about what you really desire. Sometimes you feel like life has been flipped upside down and aren't sure what your next step is. The activities you engage in daily do not align with your true desired outcomes. Perhaps you feel like you're doing just enough to get by, but you want more. 

Downside Up provides clients with opportunities to co-create the life of their dreams. The coaching process allows you to achieve clarity on key aspects of your life, career, or business. By determining what you really want, we are able to set goals and devise an action plan best suited to attain those goals. 

This is the chance to flip your life Downside Up. 


Meet Tony

Side Hustle and Life Coach

I am a free, present, and powerful leader! My quest in life is to create space and authentic connection with family, friends, and the world around me. This mission directly applies to Downside Up and with each and every client I work with.  


I hold a Master of Arts from The Ohio State University, a Bachelor of Music from The University of Akron, and The Art and Science of Coaching certification from Erickson International. I have nearly 10 years of experience as an educator and use many of the tools I learned in that field to assist my clients on their journey. 


My other company, Downside Up: Buy, Sell, Trade began as a Side Hustle in 2017 and grew enough to make it a full time business in 2021. The skills I have developed in my time as a Side Hustler give me a unique perspective to help other Side Hustlers with the growth and development of their businesses.  I live in Dayton, OH with my wife, Christina, and my children Jack, Luca, and Haley. ​

Coaching Sessions...

Focus on Solutions

Explore Your Dreams and Desires

Provoke Discovery of Values 

Inspire Initiative  with Action Plan Creation

Focus on the Future

Tony has an extremely motivational and inspirational way about him.  He is able to guide you to verbalize pain points, by digging in and asking purposeful questions.  Tony then helps you develop action steps, for what seems overwhelming, by committing to one small step at a time.  From just a few sessions with him, I am already much closer aligned with my goals!  So grateful for his guidance!"

Nikki Gates

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